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Agnieszka Radwańska in “Dancing with the Stars”

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16 March 2019

The end of Agnieszka’s sports career does not mean that Agnieszka is disappearing and that you cannot cheer for her any longer. Yes, you can! Since 1st March you can keep your fingers crossed for Agnieszka in the "Dancing with the Stars" show.


Agnieszka Radwańska about taking part in the show:

"I needed a couple of weeks to make up my mind. I hesitated, but I thought to myself: there is no time like the present. I love dancing, I always found it very enjoyable, and there weren’t many opportunities to dance. For 25 years tennis was always the first. Now, after the end of my career, it will be some great training, it will give me some adrenalin, so why not?"

A aery talented dancer, Stefano Terrazzino, became Aga’s partner. He has immense dancing experience, and has already won Dancing with the Stars. The tennis player and the dancer get along very well, have a great time together, and they both know what hard work during the training sessions looks like. They both have a professional approach to their tasks, and although Agnieszka has decided to take part in the show for fun, and to learn how to dance, they prepare steadfastly for every episode.

We could already see three episodes of the show. In the premiere show, Agnieszka and Stefano danced a jive – a fast, energetic dance, for which the jury awarded them the score of 18 out of 30.

In the second episode, Aga and Stefano, that is duo no. 12, danced a romantic waltz. The terpsichorean display of our favorite duo was appreciated by the judges, who awarded the Polish-Italian duo a score of 22.

In the yesterday’s episode, we could see an impetuous, hot, and very attractive samba, which also got 22 points, and allowed Agnieszka and Stefano to advance and have another week of dance lessons and struggles on the Dancing with the Stars dancefloor.

The preparations for every episode and every new dance mean many hours spent in the training room. Aga and Stefano practice daily for several hours in order to master the choreography, but also to allow Agnieszka to befriend a given dance, and to develop a feel for it. During the training sessions there is time for hard work, but there is also time for fun. We can see the effects on TV, on Friday evenings.

How to vote for Agnieszka and Stefano? While the show is on you can vote on the website:, or by sending a text message to the dedicated voting number (the details are provided during Dancing with the Stars). Aga has many fans, gets on well on the dancefloor, and with every passing week she gets better, so there is no surprise that she is perceived as one of the favorites who can reach the final, or even as a possible winner the whole show.

A couple of weeks ago, Agnieszka became a Polish UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. She decided to give away her fee for each episode of Dancing with the Stars to support UNICEF’s activities.

We invite you to watch Aga and Stefano on Fridays, at 8:05 PM on Polsat Television.

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